My Novels

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I also write novels. I’ve won several writing awards with Daughter of a Fallen Angel and now you can go to Amazon and buy it for just $2.99 USD. It’s a romantic fantasy with lots of action.


A fallen angel decides her enslaved daughter, Sachi, needs a husband who can appreciate her good qualities and overlook her tiny-little flaw. Traveling to Earth, the angel discovers a perfect specimen on a sinking trawler and hopes she can get away with a little karmic interference.

Matthew Sharpe, an American descendent of the rebellious Jamaican Maroons, has major issues with waking up in a slave-owning culture on another world. However, he finds the cute slave girl, who’s assigned to nurse him back to heath, the most desirable female he’s ever encountered.

But the city is at war with a monster army, and one of the ruling witches knows of Sachi’s true heritage. Fearful the girl might awaken to her power, she convinces her sisters that Matthew is an enemy half-breed sent to penetrate their defenses. Between avoiding death by the suspicious witches, fighting the attacking monsters, and dealing with a lover who’s finally had enough of being a slave, Matthew learns some love affairs are more complicated than others.

My Stories are all written to stand alone. And I’ve kept the price of all of them as low as possible.

Click here to buy Daughter of a Fallen Angel

Continuing the series. Outcast City click here to buy

Third in the series:  Brother of a Fire Witch. Click here to buy

The first in my Science Fiction series: Clericals, courtesans and Superconductors

Click here to buy

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