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Lucifer only thinks he’s the top predator.

Good News!
I have just finished the final book in my Beneath the Jeweled Moon series. Lots of action. Bit of romance.

The two books; Fire Witch vs Lucifer and Fire Witch vs Lucifer part 2, really go together, although the first had a good ending. But to be nice, I’m making them both available for JUST 99 cents each on Amazon—for a short time.


Here is the Blurb for Part 2:

The demon Lucifer has severed Tanoshi’s connection to her world. Now, as she has no way to find her home planet among the millions in the universe, the devil assumes he’s given her, Haruko, Airi and Kenji, a death sentence.

Their sometimes useful, but often unreliable, friendly angel tells her there’s a world which might give them the secret to getting home. He can’t give them details, but he believes it’s a dangerous place. Their survival will be chancy.

Facing a bleak future, the four travelers decide, danger or not, one chance is better than no chance. Hoping for the best, the small group enters a world on the edge of collapse: The world of the Dragons.


More of my Books are now Available!

Well, I’ve made my, The Rise and Fall of Synfood series available. It’s now up and ready to go on Amazon. (Only kindle version for most editions; I’m working on it!) They are priced as low as I could get them, just to give my readers a break.
This is a romantic story (With lots of action) set in our very-near future. The underlying theme is how technology is solving our material needs while ignoring our needs as humans. Each book is complete, with an ending, within the overall chronicle. So, if you don’t care to continue, you still get to read a complete story!

Some of the ideas presented may sound a little far out, but they are all based on real technology and physics that are being considered and explored today. All the action, however, is just to keep you entertained. (A good book needs excitement!)

Thanks, John

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To get to Amazon’s page, enter the book’s name or just use this link:

To Synfood series, book 1