As our government implodes, climate change becomes undeniable.

The stupidity of the electoral collage system has put our government under the control of the dregs of the oligarchy. We no longer have anyone looking out for our long-term interests. Only greed matters. Facebook posts, twitter exposures, even protest marches have no real effect. The moneyed elite knows, that come election time, their incessant advertisements—based on lies and libels and coupled with gerrymandering and voter suppression, will bring in enough votes to swamp those capable of seeing through their fabrications.

All of this plays out against the backdrop of civilization-destroying climate change. Already the disturbed weather patterns cost billions of dollars every year, and honest scientists assure us it will only get worse. Soon, storms, fires and sea-level rise will create destruction and mass migrations never yet seen in human history.

This strikes me personally because I’ve been unable to attract, or cajole, anyone with influence or technical expertise to examine, and confirm, my research on the Ferromagnetic Generator. I believed this device, capable of turning sunlight into electrical energy with an efficiency high enough to challenge oil and coal, would find some followers in those who seek a better future for their children.

I know I’m just a home-shop inventor with no credentials. But many times in the past, serious changes in science have come from those, like Marie Tharp, Alfred Wegner and the many others who were discounted by those not seen as part of the ‘club.’

We cannot count on this current government to act rationally. Any hope to get through this morass must come from the populace. I keep thinking how cheap electricity, and the electro-hydrogen economy it would create, could empower private citizens and weaken Big Oil’s hold, as well as alleviate the Global Warming debacle.



Another devastating Hurricane!

It felt ironic that, just as I finished rebuilding my website describing a new principle to exploit the energy from the sun and reduce our need for oil and coal, Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston and the surrounding area. While it’s true I can’t offer absolute proof of concept, my work gives very powerful evidence this idea works. Perhaps a small effort, possibly costing less than a million dollars, could create a world free of our dependence on burning carbon, with all the social, political and climate change problems it creates. Compare that cost to the 40 billion, or far more, it will take to offset the cost of this one hurricane.
Climate change exacts a heavy price. Warmer weather heats the oceans, which causes excessive evaporation, putting moisture into the atmosphere, which creates these monster storms. Facing such an expensive future, doesn’t a million dollars sound like a cheap option if it will provide a way out of the coming debacle.
I can only feel sadness for those flooded out by Hurricane Harvey. No doubt they will see their life savings disappear. And to be honest, the heaviest burden will fall on low-and middle-income residents.
Certainly, the hurricane’s victims need all the help we can provide. I just wish I could get some response from those with the resources to examine my idea in detail. When you’re just a ‘home shop’ tinkerer, it’s hard to get anyone to pay attention. So, if you know anyone with influence, maybe you could share this with them.
My website:

Making slow progress

I haven’t posted in some time as I’ve not made much progress on finishing the electronic system for the new prototype. Life, with all its complications, has interfered and between maintaining my house and property added to some health issues that involved a hospital stay, I haven’t spent much time in my shop. To be honest, as that the last prototype didn’t show even the smallest hint of working, it made it hard for me to maintain my enthusiasm.

However, it setting up the new system I’ve re-examined everything and made more careful measurements. There is a real possibility I didn’t have the phasing correct in my last attempt, and as it blew up after running for less than a minute, I never did get the chance to do anything beyond one quick look.

Phasing is critical, but it’s very hard to get right. Remember, I need to make sure the field coil’s expanding magnetic field is in phase with the increasing current flow in the core. And the only way I have of achieving this is with an oscilloscope looking at voltage changes at various points in the wiring. If I measure the voltage at wrong point or the wrong way, then it can look in phase but isn’t.

When I duplicated my previous wiring, but changed the way I measured things, I got this:


If these two signals were in phase, their peaks and valleys would appear lined up vertically. As you can see the top signal is following the bottom waveform by almost 90°.  Which means the magnetic field and the current weren’t working together.

I’m not sure this was happening in the prototype that blew up, but as I never got a chance to experiment, it remains a possibility. Getting the phasing right makes all the difference, so I’ll take my time before heating up the new prototype.

Jacob Hacker writes what the President should say in the state of the union.

I’ve copied this directly from Jacob Hacker: (One smart guy! His books are really worth reading.)

My fellow Americans, we cannot tackle our nation’s deepest problems until we tackle its biggest current problem. And that problem is that too many men and women who want to work cannot.

When Americans are out of work, they cannot support their families or invest in their futures. Young people move home and struggle under student debt. Older Americans leave the workforce for good, often without health care or adequate savings for retirement. The longer workers are out of a job, the harder it is for them to get back on their feet. And the harder it is for our nation to get back on its feet. When jobs are plentiful, wages rise. When jobs are plentiful, people invest in skills. When jobs are plentiful, the ladder of advancement is scalable. When jobs are plentiful, we are able to honor the sacred commitments we have made to the security and advancement of the American people.

Some say we cannot afford to get Americans back to work. They are wrong. If our economy were running at full speed, we wouldn’t have a budget problem. As the experience of our great ally across the Atlantic, Britain shows, trying to slash the budget now will only make the jobs problem — and our budget challenges — worse. We know this, experience has shown it. The United States has recovered more quickly than Europe because we have understood that the budget isn’t just a line of numbers. It is a set of priorities, for today and for the future. And our top priority must be getting Americans back to work.

That is why I am calling on Congress to spur job creation through large-scale investment in our nation’s productive capacity. This is not just about helping those who are struggling; it is about our future, our children’s future, our planet’s future. In a global knowledge economy, we need more than ever to bolster our competitive standing. We need to invest in roads and bridges, in broadband available to all, in our elementary and high schools and community colleges. We need to invest in clean energy and green technology to head off the threat of global warming. (Emphasis mine.) And we need to step up our investments in research and development and science — to provide the seed corn for the next entrepreneurial harvest.

The road back from the crisis that Wall Street helped create is a long one. And yes, we are moving down that road at last. Last year, our economy added over 2 million jobs. But we must speed up our pace. At the current rate of job creation, it will be almost a decade before we return to the employment levels that prevailed before the crisis.

We cannot wait that long.

This essay sums up my feelings well—john (I love that part about investing in clean energy, wouldn’t it be great if someone took the Ferromagnetic Generator seriously?)