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Another devastating Hurricane!

It felt ironic that, just as I finished rebuilding my website describing a new principle to exploit the energy from the sun and reduce our need for oil and coal, Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston and the surrounding … Continue reading

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Making slow progress

I haven’t posted in some time as I’ve not made much progress on finishing the electronic system for the new prototype. Life, with all its complications, has interfered and between maintaining my house and property added to some health issues … Continue reading

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Jacob Hacker writes what the President should say in the state of the union.

I’ve copied this directly from Jacob Hacker: (One smart guy! His books are really worth reading.) My fellow Americans, we cannot tackle our nation’s deepest problems until we tackle its biggest current problem. And that problem is that too many … Continue reading

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The fiscal cliff

Now that the election is behind us, the ever-alert media has turned its myopic eye to what they’re calling the fiscal cliff. From all that I’ve read, the planed response to managing the current national debt doesn’t look good for … Continue reading

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