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The Ferromagnetic Generator is one of those ‘maybe’ ideas that could have great potential--and even free us from our dependency on oil--or it could be a complete flop. This Blog is a companion to my website where I can discuss my ongoing work, and of course, my thoughts on everything from the weather to politics to the possibility of an afterlife. As I’m also a writer, I intend to shamelessly plug my work at every opportunity.

First book about the Ferromagnetic Generator.

I have created a short book describing my work to change the Curie Point of a ferromagnetic material and so create an electrical generator with a high efficiency. It’s now available on Amazon and other booksellers. I’ve kept the price … Continue reading

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In an overheated world, planes don’t fly.

In Phoenix, Arizona, the other day, more than 40 flights were cancelled due to the extreme heat. This is the new reality. Climate change is real and is caused by human activity. If something isn’t done to get our act … Continue reading

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Oil pipelines and buggy Whips.

So; the Keystone pipeline just received its first batch of crude oil. Major win for the oil barons and Republican Elite. Yay, fuel for your car might be one or two cents cheaper. No one cares about the danger that … Continue reading

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Keystone XL pipeline unnecessary and all ready obsolete.

The $5.4 billion pipeline to transport heavy crude heat-extracted from the Canadian oil sands is a monumental waste of money. And considering that if all the carbon found in those sands is burned, it’s game over. OK, the planet will … Continue reading

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