He who receives nine billion dollars in two days, gets a handout.

A post on Facebook informs me that Jeff Bezos reaped more than $750million from the Trump handout to the rich at the expense of the poor. Considering he’s considered to be the richest man in America, one wonders how important that questionably-obtained money is to him.

I’m reminded of Alfred Nobel. A newspaper error published a premature obituary of him where he learned he’d be remembered as the man who’d invented dynamite. Ashamed of this legacy, he went on to find redemption in establishing the Nobel Prize.

I think Mr. Bezos has a similar problem. His great wealth could easily have him remembered alongside the likes of John Rockefeller, J P Morgan, and Mr. Walton et al. And, not everyone considers them to be the most likeable of people.

I can’t help but wonder. If he used less than half of that Trump “rich-man’s-bonus” and paid some researches to investigate the Ferromagnetic Generator, after they confirmed my findings, he’d go down in history as the man who ended our dependence on oil and freed the world from the danger of climate change.

Now, wouldn’t that be a legacy? Even Mr. Noble would be proud of him.

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