Oil pipelines and buggy Whips.

So; the Keystone pipeline just received its first batch of crude oil. Major win for the oil barons and Republican Elite. Yay, fuel for your car might be one or two cents cheaper. No one cares about the danger that pipeline poses by crossing over America’s main aquifer of freshwater. Which, if it ever gets contaminated, could make a quarter or more of the United States’ prime Agricultural land unfarmable.

Let’s ignore the oil industry stooges and face the fact that oil costs more than its per-barrel price. Even present day shipping disasters (seagoing tankers, pressurized pipelines and trucks), refining hazards, carcinogens released into the environment, and even the soul-destroying karma earned by those who compromise their integrity for some company’s bottom line. Some research claims the true ‘2017’ cost of a single gallon of gasoline would be well over fifteen dollars if all the costs, now underwritten by taxpayers, were included. And this estimate is thought to be much lower than for coal, who’s long-term environmental and health expenses are too widespread to accurately calculate.

But, ignoring corporate greed induced short-sightedness, the larger issue is our dependence on carbon-based fuel. Alright for us, it’s the future generations who’ll need to deal with the really serious effects of global warming.

The Keystone pipeline stands as a symbol of backward, dogmatic, thinking. All that money, effort, destroyed land and human heritage wasted for a something that will someday be viewed a pointless exercise in corporate welfare, and a capitulation to the moneyed elite.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Every honest scientist admits the only way forward for human progress is harnessing the power of the sun. In the last few years, the cost of renewable energy has dropped to where it’s a major contender. In total, many might be even more cost-effective than fossil fuel if that privileged industry didn’t receive so many tax and other taxpayer handouts.

My own research on the ferromagnetic generator shows it to be a promising method of harnessing the power of the sun with an efficiency sufficient to free us from oil. But without absolute proof of concept, my idea is dismissed. I’ll write more about this strange short-sighted dismissal in other posts. But to keep it in perspective; it’ll cost taxpayers less to fund a research institution to confirm my work, than it costs them to keep the President’s wife in her luxury digs for a single year.


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