Keystone XL pipeline unnecessary and all ready obsolete.

The $5.4 billion pipeline to transport heavy crude heat-extracted from the Canadian oil sands is a monumental waste of money. And considering that if all the carbon found in those sands is burned, it’s game over. OK, the planet will survive, but after the Earth’s ice caps melt, we won’t. Not an easy idea to get one’s head around especially with all those lobbyists and meda-pundits assuring you to trust them as they’ve never lied to you before.

The proposed pipeline route is an Environmental nightmare. Besides the global warming issue, it runs across the Ogallaia aquifer.  That’s a vast underground lake laid down by ice melting at the end of the last ice-age. This lake is not significantly replenished with fresh water—and it won’t be until the end of the next ice age some thousands of years in the future.  Even a small pipeline leak, through accident or incompetence like we saw in the BP Oil platform blowout, could render this resource unusable for drinking or agriculture. Yet against the ridiculous expense, and human species threatening danger, small-mined CEOs and politicians consider the risk acceptable.

The saddest part of this whole debacle is that we don’t need to spend $5.4 billion to keep our energy needs satiated.  The proposed pipeline is the buggy-whip of modern energy-gathering technology. With only a quarter of that money diverted to developing alternative energy methodologies such as the ferromagnetic generator, we could easily obtain the same amount of energy from non-polluting solar, and without any of the environmental dangers. In time, solar energy, and in its transportable form, hydrogen, could provided many thousands of new jobs, end global warming, and make the energy we use in our daily lives far cheaper.


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