The last economic reports tell us that eighty-five (85) people own as much wealth as half the entire population of the world. I’m not against anyone being wealthy, but such disparity is inexcusable. At some point, everyone, no matter their nationality, needs to come to grips with the idea that we’re all in this thing together. But it seems as if the super-rich will not rest until they own everything.

Our world is in dire straits. The middle class gets smaller every year. Minimum (and close to it) wage earners don’t make enough to live without public aid while the CEOs of the companies that hire them pull in such obscene salaries and benefits that paying 140 million dollars for one cheesy painting becomes acceptable.

I live in a state where the governor thinks it funny to make unemployment insurance difficult or even impossible to obtain.  He’s a good businessman and multinational corporations are more powerful than governments; the man knows who he needs to please to get reelected.

One real scientist after another assures us the global climate is heating up to dangerous levels and there’s no coherent plan to do anything beyond changing out a few light bulbs and having cars get an extra MPG.

And yet my local paper’s front page news is about some second-rate entertainer getting a DUI in another city.  Andrea Mitchel of MSNBC cut off a congresswoman, who was trying to explain why the NSA can spy on Americans, to show that same entertainer getting out on bail.

As our world fights against these society-destroying disasters, we need the fourth estate to accept the responsibilities given to them under the constitution and go beyond the banal.


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