Insulating for 750°C

Here’s the hot box sitting on firebricks. To the left you can see one of the metal sides with exit holes drilled for the wires.

Before start

In a previous post I showed the lid I’d made for the hot box. I’ll put it in place after I’ve gotten most of the insulation around the sides.

Two Sides

Above I show two of the sides in place. These are the sides where most of the wires emerge, so I’m installing them first. As the sides are rather flimsy, I’m using those wooden braces at the top to hold them in place while I work. Later they’ll be removed.

In the next picture I show how the insulation fits between the hot box and the metal sides.

Part insulated


box with sides

Above, the back side is just propped into place, so I can make sure everything is going to mate up. When it came time to secure the sides together I used a strap to hold them while I screwed the corner braces on.

Installing the sides

In this next picture you can see how the various wires come out of the core, pass through the hot box and finally out of the metal sides.

Core wires out

In this picture you can see most of the insulation in place. At this point I installed the hot box lid and added the insulation all the way to the top of the outer container.

Hot zone in its insulation

Once fully stuffed with insulation, I made a metal lid. It’s removable as I will want to take it off after doing a run, or the hot box will take days to cool down.

Ready for lid

Yes, now that it is finished, it really looks like a big white box.

Compteted insulation

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