The fiscal cliff

Now that the election is behind us, the ever-alert media has turned its myopic eye to what they’re calling the fiscal cliff. From all that I’ve read, the planed response to managing the current national debt doesn’t look good for middle-class taxpayers. Republicans hint they might concede on a few minor tax increases on the richest in return for major social program cuts. Expect those tax increases to fade as their ‘smarter-than-politicians’ lawyers find new tax loopholes, but the cuts will be forever. And even that vague promise remains in doubt considering that whenever those who care about our nation’s economic future have offered concessions, the richest have responded by moving the goalposts.

I guess I keep thinking of how we could avoid all of this foolishness with a real commitment to alternative energy. The methods to embrace solar and free ourselves from oil and coal are there. A fully developed ferromagnetic generator could boost the middle class economy by creating millions of new jobs. And this country’s wealth has always come from a prosperous middle class, no matter what lies the ‘one percent’ spread.

We don’t need the small-minded austerity of Wall Street’s bean counters. We need a strong leader who’s willing to embrace science and say let’s do this. Remember, this is the country that once put a man on the moon in less than ten years of development—that’s what free people can do when the naysayers are ignored.

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