No talk of climate change in the presidential debate.

WE (Americans) lost the debate. In a very few years foreign policy will consist of little else but the myriad of problems created by the warming Earth. Yet, instead of addressing this coming catastrophe, one that will make our current obsession with the national debt seem minor, those two presidential wanabees turned the foreign policy discussion to the current debt problem over seventy times. Climate change—zero.

Can the future of Americans—and all of humankind—be so far from their consciousness?

America has overcome large debts in the past. Every war, from the revolution onwards, has left debts that needed to be brought under control.  In the past the answer was economic growth. Working people pay taxes, and if governmental pork can be controlled, in time the debt goes away. Now, for some reason the plutocrats and bankers have decided the way forward is to put Wall Street first and adopt draconian austerity measures for the working class. (Austerity has never worked in the past and it’s been tried quite a few times.)

Once, a great American leader decided we could put a man on the moon in less than ten years. We succeeded and we’re still reaping the economic and social benefits of that accomplishment. Now, if instead of turning to political posturing and lies, we made the same kind of commitment to renewable energy technologies, the debt would take care of itself and future generations will avoid catastrophe after catastrophe for decades.

The planet’s economic and social well-being should be the foreign policy cornerstone. That way lies the true chance for peace.

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