Disappointing debate

The recent debate between the president and the republican contender left me cold. All that meaningless blather about gas-prices! What—almost fifteen minutes of “sincere discussion” concerning something neither one of them will have any control over in the coming years. Burnable carbon costs money and as more countries want more, the price can only go up. And the price Americans are currently paying, although painful for most individuals, is already heavily subsidized both directly and indirectly as taxpayers pick up the tab for the accidents, environmental degradation and public health issues our dependence on oil, coal and fracking for gas create.

Yet the real discussion about our serious ongoing climate change didn’t even get a mention. Apparently neither of these men understands it will become the defining issue of the next few years. Yeah, the current national debt is higher than is comfortable, but America has a big economy, comparatively it’s not overwhelming and certainly not a reason to destroy the lives of so many of us. If alternative energy methodologies were seriously implemented, the resulting economic boom, along with some serious pork elimination, would easily get the debt back under control.

So as these posturing contenders make pointless political points with their talk of ‘gas prices,’ the real issues remain ignored. But someday soon the climate, and our utter dependence on burning carbon, will supersede all their stupidity. The coming climate debacle is why I keep trying to garner interest in the ferromagnetic generator and the high-employment, electro-hydrogen economy it could create.

Well, there is one more debate centering on foreign policy, and since the pentagon claims climate change and access to oil are worldwide destabilizing forces, maybe we’ll hear one of them say something intelligent.

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