Computer Progress

I’m told in order to get people to visit my web site and blog, I need to be more proactive with embracing today’s media. In fact, some have even said that Blogging’s time has passed, and I should turn to twitter and Facebook.I’m on Facebook, and maybe I will join twitter, but it seems there’s always something new.  I’m one of those who cast aside my slide rule and embraced that fancy new technology called a “personal calculator.” It raised a few eyebrows at the time.

Over the years I’ve gone through and, learned the intricacies of, many different computers. I’ve used, and cursed at, a 12 inch floppy disk–it held a whopping 300KB. Later, one of my favorite methods was punched paper tape.  Yards and yards of the stuff with tiny holes that would (sometimes) make a computer do what you wanted. Really neat at the time.

At Home, my black Timex box connected to the TV and used a cassette recorder for its memory. It was fun to spend hours writing a program to solve a math problem–never mind that I could do it quicker on my calculator.

As the years passed I was able to save up and buy my first “luggable.” It’s a computer that could be moved around and–surprise–I still own it. I almost sold it once, but as its case is metal, it weighs so much the shipping costs exceeded its worth as a curiosity and the deal fell through.

Here are some pictures:

There is no hard drive. The Kaypro uses two 5 inch floppies. One for the CP/M operating system and the other for the program.  I mostly used “Perfect Writer” (that’s a name not a condition.) Still, it wasn’t a bad program for its era.

Since then I’ve gone through MS-DOS to Windows 3 and, step-by-step all the way to Windows 7. Always spending more money just to keep up and always learning new ways of interacting with the system.

Maybe I’m getting cynical and that’s why I haven’t yet embraced twitter.  But there’s always tomorrow.

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