Assembling the core.

Once I had all the winding finished, my next move was removing it from the winding apparatus. Here it is just before I took it out of the winder.Core on winder

You can see the wires for the core current and the red and yellow wires lead to the thermocouples I placed deep inside.

As the core is not a physically strong structure, I made a holder for it so it doesn’t rest on any ceramic parts.

The legs don’t look classy as I glued small sticks of ceramic to them. That way the metal of the core brace does not come in contact with the metal of the holder and provide a secondary path for the core current. Remember, at these high temperatures, electricity doesn’t always behave as you would like it to.  The holder does double duty in that it also supports my inner heater. That’s a store-bought stick heater that can put out 1000 watts. It will pass though the hollow center of the core.

And here is the core resting on its stand. Now you can see how that inner heater passes through the core’s center.

The next step involves the insulation and feeding the various wires to the outside. I took one of my older wooden tables and placed firebricks on the top for insulation.  The core and all of its insulation will be assembled on this:


About The Ferro Guy

The Ferromagnetic Generator is one of those ‘maybe’ ideas that could have great potential--and even free us from our dependency on oil--or it could be a complete flop. This Blog is a companion to my website where I can discuss my ongoing work, and of course, my thoughts on everything from the weather to politics to the possibility of an afterlife. As I’m also a writer, I intend to shamelessly plug my work at every opportunity.
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