Back to Work

Continuing Work.

After the rather inglorious demise of my last prototype, I’ve spent a long time going back to the books and reviewing the underlying physics and reconsidering every aspect of my idea. I suppose I hoped to find some flaw in my thinking that would assure me this idea held no merit and I could abandon it and get on with my life. However, several months later all I can say for sure is that there is nothing yet understood that makes it impossible to electrically change the Curie Point of a ferromagnetic material. My way of doing it might be wrong, or more likely with my crude prototypes I’ve never gotten all the conditions exactly right, but everything in physics suggests Curie Point manipulation must be achievable.

The website describing my work has been up for almost a year now and I’ve yet to get any feedback. I have made attempts to bring it to the attention of those who might have an interest in finding a way to cheaply exploit solar energy, but so far my efforts have been without success. I suppose it’s because oil and coal are well established and cheap–if you discount all the hidden costs and suffering associated with them. There still exist vast untapped carbon-based resources, and while they last, it’ll be hard to get anyone, who’s not concerned about our children’s future, interested in making an investment in an idea that has no track record or assurance of success. One politician did respond to my letter by patiently explaining how the future increase of automotive fleet mileage standards would make such radical concepts as the electro-hydrogen economy unnecessary.

Without proof of concept you have nothing! Make it work and then come back and talk to us–right now the risk is too high.

That’s been the response from all those who I’ve contacted.  Myself, I believe the higher risk lies in not checking out every possibility, no matter how farfetched, of ending our current death spiral with coal and oil. The CO2 in our atmosphere increases exponentially as many less developed countries increase their standard of living and emulate developed-world consumption. The climate becomes less and less predictable, petro dictators commit unspeakable atrocities upon their people, and the financial system still teeters on the edge of collapse. So why not make a small investment to create an electro-hydrogen economy that would create thousands of new jobs instead of sending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas every single year?

Why is an idea that might provide American workers with plentiful and high paying jobs met with such universal distain? I suspect it’s related to the same mind-set that makes people damn a president who has the audacity to claim less-affluent people have the right to see a doctor when they are sick. Yet only a few years ago they cheered another president for starting an oil-war with borrowed money and creating a ten trillion dollar, economy-wrecking deficit. I sure don’t understand the current rabbit-hole craziness of people and politicians.

So it’s back to work for me. Another prototype coming up.

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