Yea for England

William got hitched today.  Big day for the English.  When the economy’s tanking and society’s falling apart it’s nice to have a bit of a distraction.  When it comes to pomp, the English nobility have it down pat.

 I didn’t get an invitation to the wedding. (fancy that!)  But I do have some tenuous ties to the British royalty.  I once got to live in Osborne House–well ok, I was relegated to the basement but it still counts.  And second, Queen Elizabeth, saddened that I couldn’t make it to her coronation, sent me one of her very own cups for my tea.

 As you see, I still have it.  I keep thinking it might have a collector’s value someday, but as every young kid in England got one too, it might not be worth all that much.

Tea cup

The Queen's Tea Cup


About The Ferro Guy

The Ferromagnetic Generator is one of those ‘maybe’ ideas that could have great potential--and even free us from our dependency on oil--or it could be a complete flop. This Blog is a companion to my website where I can discuss my ongoing work, and of course, my thoughts on everything from the weather to politics to the possibility of an afterlife. As I’m also a writer, I intend to shamelessly plug my work at every opportunity.
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