Yea for England

William got hitched today.  Big day for the English.  When the economy’s tanking and society’s falling apart it’s nice to have a bit of a distraction.  When it comes to pomp, the English nobility have it down pat.

 I didn’t get an invitation to the wedding. (fancy that!)  But I do have some tenuous ties to the British royalty.  I once got to live in Osborne House–well ok, I was relegated to the basement but it still counts.  And second, Queen Elizabeth, saddened that I couldn’t make it to her coronation, sent me one of her very own cups for my tea.

 As you see, I still have it.  I keep thinking it might have a collector’s value someday, but as every young kid in England got one too, it might not be worth all that much.

Tea cup
The Queen's Tea Cup

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