Cleanup Time

The mess in my shop has grown out of control.  If I want to do any more work in there I’m first going to have to get rid of a lot (a very lot) of junk and dismantle one of my early generator prototypes.  I hate taking things apart and have a hard time tossing out bits of “maybe I’ll find a use for this someday” junk.  I suppose that’s why it’s now hard to walk around in the place.

So, if I want to start work on a new prototype, it’s time to get real and see about making some room in there.  The shop’s AC unit died last year and I’m trying to talk myself into having it replaced.  In the Florida summer the room easily reaches 100° F, and without much airflow I soon find a reason to retreat to the house.  So if I want to get anything done, I’d best bite the bullet and pay the man.

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